香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽 – 車手電車之旅

在2019香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽舉行之前,部份車手抽空乘坐Formula E專屬的特色電車,飽覽香港景緻。Formula E Tram的體驗包括以全新Gen 2電動賽車的聲音與個人化節拍進行混音,製作獨特的電動方程式聲帶,以及透過Ghost Racing模擬與真實的車手比拼。

Geox Dragon Racing – Jose Maria Lopez


Envision Virgin Racing – Robin Frijns


Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler – Daniel Abt


Geox Dragon Racing – (左) Jose Maria Lopez, (右) Felipe Nasr


Geox Dragon Racing – (左) Jose Maria Lopez, (右) Felipe Nasr

HKT Hong Kong E-Prix Drivers Tram Experience

Ahead of the 2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix, drivers took time out to enjoy the iconic sights of the city by enjoying a ride on the Hong Kong Tram! Part of the Formula E tram experience included remixing of Formula E sounds into your own personalised music, and the ‘Ghost’ game challenge where participants can compete virtually against Formula E drivers in previous races.


Geox Dragon Racing – Jose Maria Lopez


Envision Virgin Racing – Robin Frijns


Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler – Daniel Abt


Geox Dragon Racing – (L) Jose Maria Lopez, (R) Felipe Nasr


Geox Dragon Racing – (L) Jose Maria Lopez, (R) Felipe Nasr

2019香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽Allianz E-Village將於明早7時開幕


2019香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽明天開鑼。今日8,000名來自本地社區團體和學校的青少年獲邀出席Allianz E-Village同樂日,率先體驗場內一系列由電動方程式及其贊助商和合作夥伴提供的活動。

本地著名藝人陳智燊 (Jason) 一同出席感受氣氛,更與一班專程到場表演的音樂兒童基金會的優秀成員一同合照。


2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix Allianz E-Village opens at 7am Tomorrow!

Local celebrity Jason Chan Chi-san among the first to sample the fun!

The 2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix takes place tomorrow but 8,000 kids from underprivileged community groups and schools were invited today to the Allianz E-Village, which features an array of activities created by Formula E, its sponsors and partners.


Local celebrity Jason Chan Chi-san also joined in the fun, and enjoyed a group photo with talented young musicians of Music Children Foundation, who performed live for visitors.

HKT Hong Kong E-Prix out to electrify once again with ultimate urban street racing

The 2019 HKT Formula E Hong Kong E-Prix is set to supercharge Hong Kong once again when 22 world-class drivers from 11 teams take to the city’s iconic Harbourfront street circuit on Sunday, March 10.


Hong Kong fans will be the first in Asia to experience the debut of the Formula E Gen2 car, which has nearly double the range and energy storage of the previous car.  With no mid-race car swap, a new team on the grid in the HWA RACELAB, and Nissan e.dams replacing Renault, fans can expect more action on track than ever before in what has already been a thrilling Season 5 on this innovative international circuit.


Four drivers have claimed top spot on the podium heading into round 5 in Hong Kong with Mahindra Racing’s Jerome D’Ambrosio leading the drivers’ standings after claiming his first podium in five years of Formula E racing after a thrilling finish in round 2 in Marrakesh.


Portugal’s Antonio Felix Da Costa, a familiar face for local fans after twice winning the Macau Grand Prix, is in second in the standings after a hot start, winning the opening leg – and the first Formula E E-Prix in Saudi Arabia – and claiming the Julius Baer Pole Position for a total of 28 points.


Matters then got more challenging for da Costa, who failed finish the next two legs, with D’Ambrosio winning in Morocco and Envision Virgin Racing’s Sam Bird taking the chequered flag in Santiago, Chile, at what was the hottest ever Formula E race, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius.  The excitement continued in Mexico City with Sebastian Buemi claiming his first podium of the season after coming right down the homestretch for the win.


D’Ambrosio leads the Drivers Championship on 53 points, ahead of Da Costa (46) and Bird (45), with Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler driver Lucas di Grassi in fourth on 34 points while Mahindra’s Pascal Wehrlein in fifth on 30 points.


Mahindra Racing are top of the pops in the team championship with 83 points, ahead of nearest challengers Envision Virgin Racing (73) and BMW I Andretti Motorsport (64).  China’s DS Techeetah team is in fourth with 57 points, just one point ahead of fifth placed Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler (56).


This weekend’s race marks the 50th Formula E E-Prix staged since the inception of the Championship in 2014.  Five of the participating drivers this weekend have been involved in every race including, (in order of points scored), di Grassi (645), Bird (501), Daniel Abt (309), d’Ambrosio (289) and Nelson Piquet Jr (237).


Nelson Piquet Jr commented on the feat and the growth of Formula E saying, “It has grown a lot. It is every year attracting better drivers, better engineers, better teams and bigger sponsors, more cities. Hopefully it stays humble. We want it to be an open sport in allowing people to access to it more.”


The Brazilian is one of the fan favourites in Hong Kong and while hoping to “still be here and winning more races five years from now,” he is more focussed on how he and fellow Panasonic Jaguar driver Mitch Evans would go on the starting grid, as they look to climb out of seventh place on the 11-team standings.


“The car is performing ok, it can always be a bit better of course. We need to score this weekend. We need to finish in the top 5; that is our aim, our goal here.”



He returns the affection for Hong Kong as well, adding that he loves “coming to this part of the world. I love shopping and eating here and it is a place that I can come to early and enjoy the city a bit,” he added.


Three different winners have won the three races held in Hong Kong previously, with three different pole sitters in those races as well.  Despite Audi Sport ABT Scheffler having won in nine different Formula E locations, the team has never managed to make it in Hong Kong, although Audi’s Daniel Abt took the chequered flag here last season before he was later disqualified. With that haunting memory, the team will be looking to set the record straight this time.


The challenging Harbourfront track remains unchanged with 10 turns and two hairpins, but race strategy has intensified thanks to the new ‘Attack Mode’, another on-track innovation that will impress speed lovers in 2019.


Activated via special zones on the track, drivers will be able to access 225 kW power in Attack Mode with spectators seeing which drivers are in mode through the futuristic illuminated LED Halos on the vehicles.


With the new Gen2 car, Attack Mode and the ever-popular Fanboost, speed lovers are in for a treat.  The fastest lap in Hong Kong in 2017 was 1.03.002s in the practice session ahead of Race 2; with the more powerful Gen2 car ready to rumble, fans should expect that lap record to tumble in 2019.


「2019香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽」一切準備就緒!11支參賽車隊共22位世界級車手將於3月10日 (星期日) 在中海新海濱上演一場緊張刺激的街道賽車賽。


香港的車迷將是亞洲首批見證電動方程式第二代戰車在賽道上亮相。由於新一代戰車的電容量和續航力是前一代的兩倍,車手不需再在賽事中途換車便能走畢全程。第五季的賽事加入了兩支新的車隊,包括HWA RACELAB和取代雷諾的日產e.dams,車迷可以期望更緊湊的賽事。


在香港站舉行之前,已有四名車手登上了前四站的頒獎台,現時佔據車手榜首位置的是Mahindra Racing的譚布斯奧 (Jerome D’Ambrosio),他在第二站的馬拉喀什贏得五季以來的首個勝利。


為本地車迷熟悉、曾贏得兩屆澳門格蘭披治大賽,來自葡萄牙的達哥斯達 (Antonio Felix Da Coata) 在第一站的沙特阿拉伯賽事中,同時取得超級桿位和冠軍,勇奪28分後,現時在車手榜中排行第二。


可惜達哥斯達在之後的賽站中遇上更大挑戰而未能保持優勢,繼譚布斯奧奪得第二站冠軍後,Envision Virgin Racing的布特 (Sam Bird) 則加冕於電動方程式大賽有史以來最熱的一站,氣溫高達攝氏45度的智利聖地亞哥。賽事到墨西哥城舉行時依然十分刺激,布美 (Sebastian Buemi) 在此站取得這賽季以來的第一個勝利。


譚布斯奧現以53分暫列車手榜首位置,領先於達哥斯達 (46分) 和布特 (45分),而Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler車手迪加斯 (Lucas di Grassi) 則以34分排行第四,Mahidra的韋蘭 (Pascal Wehrlein)以30分排第五位。


在車隊排行方面,Mahindra Racing以83分遙遙領先Envision Virgin Racing (73分) 和BMW | Andretti Motosport (64分)。中國的鈦麒車隊以57分排行第四位,只以一分領先排行第五位的Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler (56分)。


這週末的賽事是電動方程式賽車錦標賽自2014年舉行以來的第50個電動方程式大賽,總共有五位車手是賽事的忠實支持者,他們沒有缺席任何一場賽事,包括 (按總分排名):迪加斯 (645分)、布特 (501分)、阿比徹 (Daniel Abt) (309分)、譚布斯奧 (289分) 和小畢奇 (Nelson Piquet Jr.) (237分)。




這位喜歡香港的巴西人續說︰「希望可以繼續再來香港,以及在未來五年贏得更多賽事。」他比較關注自己及其拍擋車手艾雲斯 (Mitch Evans) 在排位賽的表現以取得更佳桿位,期待在11隊的車隊排行中,從第七位升上來。






三屆的香港站賽事分別由三位不同的車手勝出和取得超級桿位。雖然Audi Sport ABT Scheffler車隊在九個不同電動方程式大賽分站中贏過冠軍,而阿比徹在上季卻被取消資格而失落於頒獎台,所以他們還未取得過香港站的勝利,今年,車隊也將目標放在香港站的舞台上。


中環新海濱的賽道與往年沒有分別,共長1.86公里,共10個彎位,當中包括兩個髮夾彎。但因為新增設的進攻模式 (Attack Mode),比賽時需要更精密的戰略,因而增加了賽事的挑戰性和可看性。






布特發生碰撞被罰衛冕失敗 莫他拿首次奪得賽事冠軍




繼英國車手小鳥布特 (Sam Bird) 在倒數第二圈時與一直領先的洛特拿 (Andre Lotterer)發生碰撞後,被判斷罰加五秒後,「澳門先生」莫他拿 (Edoardo Mortara) 順位在香港站奪得個人首個電動方程式大賽冠軍,亞軍和季軍則分別由巴西的迪加斯 (Lucas di Grassi) 和布特隊友富林斯 (Robin Frijns)奪得。


賽事在昨午4時03分正式開始,剛開始時便出現三車相撞的戰況,大會需要出示紅旗並停賽10分鐘,更令部分車隊的戰車退出比賽,當中包括兩名Mahindra Racing的車手。


隨後的戰況峰迴路轉,車手大都在復賽、安全車離開後啟動「進攻模式」 (Attack Mode),額外獲得25kW的動力繼續進攻爭先。整個比賽可說是布特和洛特拿之間的爭霸戰,因大部份時間都由今季首度亮相的洛特拿強勢領先,布特亦步亦趨緊隨其後,並一直在等候最佳時機超前。






賽事正式開始前,11支車隊共22位專業車手都需要在濕滑的地面上進行排位賽和超級桿位賽,最後HWA RACELAB車手雲當 (Stoffel Vandoorne) 排頭位出發,為車隊獲得3分。


雖然布特未能成功為冕,只排在第六位,但在香港站以最快圈速完成一圈,額外獲得一分。在車手排行榜中,他以54分暫列第一位,以一分之差領先Mahindra Racing的譚布斯奧 (Jerome D’Ambrosio)。





1 – 莫他拿 (Edoardo Mortara), Venturi Formula E Team

2 – 迪加斯 (Lucas di Grassi), ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport, +0.988s

3 – 富林斯 (Robin Frijns), Envision Virgin Racing, +1.536s

4 – 阿比徹 (Daniel Abt), Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler, +1.985s

5 – 馬沙 (Felipe Massa), Venturi Formula E Team, +3.258s

6 -布特 (Sam Bird), DS Virgin Racing, +3.306s

7 – 伊雲斯 (Mitch Evans), Panasonic Jaguar Racing, +4.017s

8 – 柏菲特 (Gary Paffett), HWA RACELAB, +4.368s

9 – 杜維 (Oliver Turvey), NIO Formula E Team, +5.6254s

10 – 達哥斯達 (Antonio Felix da Costa), BMW I ANDRETTI MOTORSPOT, +6.492s

11 – 盧比斯 (Jose Maria Lopez), GEOX DRAGON, +7.218s

12 – 迪爾曼 (Tom Dillmann), NIO Formula E Team, +7.825s

13 – 韋恩 (Jean-Eric Vergne), DS TECHEETAH, +16.604s

14 – 洛特拿 (Andre Lotterer), DS TECHEETAH, +24.270s


未完成賽事 –

路蘭特 (Oliver Rowland), Nissan e.dams

雲當 (Stoffel Vandoorne),HWA RACELAB

布美 (Sebastien Buemi), Nissan e.dams


拿斯亞 (Felipe Nasr), GEOX DRAGON

韋蘭 (Pascal Wehrlein), MAHINDRA RACING

譚布斯奧 (Jerome D’Ambrosio), MAHINDRA RACING

小畢奇 (Nelson Piquet JR.), Panasonic Jaguar Racing

Off-Track Highlights Announced for 2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix

Formula E World, ‘Ghost Racing’, & dedicated Kids Zone lead immersive fan experiences

at Allianz E-Village suitable for the whole family


[HONG KONG, March 5, 2019] – The 2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix will bring local fans closer to the world of Formula E through the array of immersive and educational activities available at the much-enhanced Allianz E-Village. The dedicated fan festival will be centre-pieced by the new Formula E World, a four-zone exploration area for visitors to learn more about the electric street racing series.


Comprised of the Driver Zone, Strategist Zone, Fan Zone, and E-Gen Zone, Formula E World has something for everyone. A bespoke journey through the universe of the world’s closest, most intense and progressive category in motorsport, all visitors will enter full of curiosity and leave as a dedicated Formula E fan. What’s more, all ticketholders can get right up-close with the futuristic Gen2 car in Allianz E-Village, a not-to-be-missed ‘Instagrammable’ opportunity.


With much of Lung Wo Road Grandstand removed to make way for a bigger Allianz E-Village, many of the 2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix sponsors and partners will showcase their latest technological advances and innovations in sustainable urban transportation on March 10 through interactive and informative activities suitable for the whole family.



At the 2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix, Formula E fans and families will have the opportunity to visit the FIA stand and learn more about the #3500LIVES Global Road Safety Campaign. The main focus of the stand will be on the “Use a Child Safety Seat” rule, which is embodied by Actress, Producer and UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Michelle Yeoh. There will be a number of family-friendly fun activities and visitors will be able to take their own #3500LIVES picture and share it on a dedicated wall. The stand will also feature a section on the Child Safety Toolkit presented by FIA Member Club – HKAA.



ABB is the title sponsor of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship and as such is uniquely placed to talk about its role as one of the world’s pioneering technology leaders. With roots in the nineteenth century, but now as a global powerhouse in e-mobility, digital technologies, robotics and industrial automation, ABB is a natural partner for the first global all-electric motorsport series. The ABB booth, present at every E-Prix, showcases many aspects of ABB technology, from EV charging solutions, to smarter cities, to the latest developments in renewable energy – and not forgetting YuMi®, the world’s first truly collaborative robot.



HKT is delighting Formula E fans by making 3,000 square feet of booth space available at the Tamar Park Allianz E-Village. Visitors are able to sample the latest technologies and gadgets offered by HKT’s various lines of business AND play interactive games on a gigantic 6.5M x 3.5M LED screen that involves racing against friends and family throughout a virtual Central Harbourfront environment. Visitors can also enjoy the ultimate spectator experience by witnessing exciting electric motorsport thrills and spills on an LED screen in comfortable surroundings.



FWD never stops exploring. Through innovative protection and creative ideas, FWD aims to empower people to celebrate living and live life to the fullest.


With the track bringing you the most intense racing series in Hong Kong CBD, FWD offers you an intriguing music related VR experience to test your reflex and composure during breaks of the race. A welcome gift will also be offered if you register as FWD MAX member onsite. Let’s enjoy the power, music and the beat at the start of this Spring in Hong Kong Central Harbourfront.



As the long-time Official Vehicle Partner and first-time participant of Formula E, BMW i Motorsports’ booth will feature the new BMW iFE.18, the i8 Coupe Safety Car, the brand-new i3 120Ah and the i Vision Dynamics concept car, giving fans a taste of what future BMW cars will look like. Interact with BMW specialists to learn more about the technology and complete a mini quiz for a chance to win exclusive BMW merchandise!



Carousell is more than thrilled to be a part of one of the world’s most spectacular car events, Formula E 2019. The motto of their Auto Team is in line with Auto Shopping Redefined. Not only dothey promote car trading, but also aim at incorporating the car cultures into our society.


Nothing’s better than going home with souvenirs after a whole day of joy. Visit Carousell’s booth and get the chance to win a free car charger and other souvenirs by downloading their app and getting into the car page. Also, make sure you don’t miss out on the model RC car competition and fully immerse yourself into the Formula E culture and vibe!


HKPolyU Racing Team

The Hong Kong PolyU Racing Team (nicknamed PolyU Racing Development) is the first team among Hong Kong universities to have participated in the Formula Student series competition. Initiated by 9 Mechanical Engineering students in 2015, HKPolyU Racing Team is now strong and thriving with over 70 students from 7 departments of various faculties. Two generations of race cars, Inheritance (HKF-01E) and Pulse (HKF-02E), will be showcased in the PRD booth with introduction by current and alumni members. In addition, a racing simulator will be set up in the booth for a true taste of Formula E. Don’t hesitate, come experience the life of racing with HKPolyU Racing team!


Elsewhere at the Allianz E-Village, the highly popular Gaming Arena will see an increase to 20 Formula E simulators from eight last season to allow more racing enthusiasts to test their skills on the virtual Central Harbourfront track.


iPads will be introduced at the Gaming Arena with the installation of an exciting, world’s first interactive racing, gaming, and viewing experience. ‘Ghost Racing’ provides a unique opportunity for users to race against real drivers in real races – live. Participants will be able to test their skills against some of the best Formula E drivers in the world.


Motor racing enthusiasts wishing to rub shoulders with the best in Formula E racing should gather at the Allianz E-Village podium no later than 5pm as the podium finishers will head straight over from their garages right after the race for celebrations. Earlier in the day, before the on-track action heats up, all 22 drivers including Felipe Massa, last season’s winner Sam Bird and reigning champion Jean-Eric Vergne will make an appearance at 2:25pm to sign autographs for fans and speak to budding motor racing drivers.


Before the stage is occupied by the winners of the 2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix, urban dance crew Seabiscuit will be injecting some off-track energy to the festival, engaging fans with their street style and dynamic moves. A modern Kung Fu performance that combines contemporary dance and various Asian martial arts has also been created to entertain visitors before the fiercely-driven race gets underway at 4:03pm.


A giant screen with live feed of the on-track action can be found through the Allianz E-Village to ensure no one misses a single beat of the 45-minute plus one lap race. For the younger members of the family, face painters and a special Formula E Obstacle Course are the key highlights of the dedicated Kids Zone.


The 2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix is an all-day event with Allianz E-Village accessible from 7am to 6pm. To stay energised, the Taste Zone is where you need to go. The Formula E gastronomic journey includes replenishments by favourites like UTRON, PizzaExpress, Zuver x Sichuan Delicacy, Mr. Cart, Snowy, XTC Gelato, Candy Corner. Beer bought at Tamar Park will be served in reusable plastic cups with collection point at the Heineken booth and additional collection bins at event recycle station to return all used cups to the Heineken warehouse for reuse after wash.


Sustainability is the name of the game across the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, and here in Hong Kong, one of the green initiatives at the Taste Zone is the free-for-all water pouches on offer so you can help us reduce plastic use. Simply take it everywhere with you, refill at the Allianz Hydration Stations around the venue, and drink from it all day long!


The 2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix will take place on Sunday March 10 at the Central Harbourfront street circuit. 22 drivers representing 11 teams will race around the 1.86km track with 10 turns, including two hairpins.


Tamar Park Grandstands are sold out while a limited number of tickets at Observation Wheel Grandstands is still available. Purchase your tickets now at Ticketflap and be a part of Hong Kong’s most electrifying event.


Allianz E-Village Entertainment Schedule:

Activity Location Time

 (*All Timings subject to change)

Formula E Driver Autograph Session Tamar Park 2:25pm
HKT Hong Kong E-Prix including Opening Ceremony Giant Screen 3:35pm
HKT Hong Kong E-Prix Podium Ceremony Tamar Park – Podium 5pm
SeaBiscuit Performance Stage Zone 11:30am, 1pm & 1:40pm
Modern Kung Fu Performance Stage Zone 11:30am, 1:05pm & 1:35pm
Face Painters Kids Zone 9am to 6pm

*Allianz E-Village Opening Hours: 07:00 to 18:00

2019香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽 賽道以外活動亮點介紹

Allianz E-Village的「電動方程式體驗區」、「Ghost Racing」和兒童專區

提供全方位體驗 適合一家大小參與


[201935日,香港] 2019香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽將於更大規模的Allianz E-Village內,提供一系列精彩及富有教育意義的活動,讓車迷更進一步了解電動方程式的世界。會場將以「電動方程式體驗區」為中心,入場觀眾可透過其四個獨特的探索專區了解更多有關街道電動賽車系列的歷史和資訊。


由車手專區、戰略專區、車迷專區和E-Gen專區所組成的「電動方程式體驗區」必定適合每一個人。在走進這全球最刺激、緊湊和先進的賽車運動世界後,所有入場觀眾將由不了解而好奇,變為有更深認識而對電動方程式著迷。另外,每位門票持有人都可以在Allianz E-Village與充滿未來感的第二代戰車來一個近距離接觸,這是一個不容錯過的打卡機會。


由於大會移除多個龍和道主看台以容納規模更大的Allianz E-Village,很多2019香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽的贊助商和合作夥伴將有更多空間,於3月10日透過老少咸宜、具互動性和資訊性的活動,向觀眾展示最新的可持續城市交通的創新技術和進步。



在2019香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽上,入場觀眾將有機會參觀國際汽聯的展區,了解更多有關 #3500LIVES全球道路安全計劃。此展區由著名女演員、製片人和聯合國親善大使楊紫瓊呈獻,主要以「使用兒童安全座椅」規則為主題。展區將設有一系列適合家庭參與的活動,以及讓觀眾拍攝專屬的#3500LIVES照片和分享的牆身。展區更有一部份是由國際汽聯的會員 – 香港汽車會展出的兒童安全手冊。






香港電訊位於添馬公園Allianz E-Village 的3,000呎攤位能讓各位感受旗下各品牌的最新科技體驗,攤位更有6.5米 x 3.5米之LED大屏幕直播場上緊張刺激之賽事。另外,即使您不是賽車場上之一份子,您亦可於大屏幕下用您「個人力量」驅動賽車,於中環海濱之天際線下跟親朋摯友一較高下!





隨著中環進行賽車賽事,在一片緊張又熱烈的氣氛之下,富衛已準備了新穎的VR音樂遊戲體驗,讓大家測試自己的反應。此外,只要現場成為FWD MAX會員,便可獲贈迎新小禮物一份!今個春天,讓我們一起來到中環海濱活動空間,一起躍動,感受音樂、節拍及更多活力!



BMW作為電動方程式大賽的長期官方贊助商,將於今季香港站的賽事首度亮相亞洲。此外,品牌將於Allianz E-Village的攤位展出多款電動車,當中包括是次車隊的戰車 iFE.18、i8安全車、全新i3 120Ah及i Vision Dynamics概念車,讓車迷大飽眼福之餘,亦預告BMW汽車未來的面貌。BMW的德國專業設計團隊成員將會在場作出分享,大家更可參與互動遊戲贏取豐富紀念品,不容錯過!



Carousell的Auto Team有幸參與是次汽車界難得的盛事,誓必與眾同樂。設於Allianz E-Village的攤位為入場觀眾準備了多款精品,其理念與「Auto Shopping Redefined」一樣,不單只買賣汽車,更想將汽車文化融入生活和社區內。每位車迷只要下載Carousell程式並瀏覽汽車版,即可獲得汽車充電器、汽車香薰、抹車布、環保水樽等其中一份精美禮品。攤位內還有模型搖控車比賽供大家參與,一起感受電動方程式大賽的文化氣氛。



香港理工大學方程式車隊 (HKPolyU Racing, 別名 PolyU Racing Development)是首支來自香港並曾參加大學生方程式系列賽的大學生隊伍。在2015年由最初的九位機械工程學生始創,香港理工大學方程式車隊不斷壯大發展,現已擁有超過70名來自七個不同院系的成員。車隊的兩代賽車,「傳承」(Inheritance)(HKF-01E)以及「脈衝」(Pulse)(HKF-02E),將在攤位展出。新舊隊員將會就賽車為公眾提供最全面的介紹。除此之外,賽車模擬器也將設於攤位,為您帶來最真實的電動方程式體驗。不用猶豫,快來與香港理工大學方程式車隊一起飛馳人生!


在Allianz E-Village,備受歡迎的電競館將為入場觀眾提供更多電動方程式模擬賽車,由上季的八部增加至20部,讓賽車愛好者在虛擬的中環海濱賽道一展身手。


在電競館中亦會擺放多部iPad,當中已安裝全球首個具互動賽車、遊戲和觀賞體驗於一身,名為「Ghost Racing」的遊戲程式。此程式讓玩家實時地在真實的比賽中與真正的的車手進行比賽。玩家可與全球一眾電動方程式的頂尖車手較量,磨練他們的技巧。


希望與最頂尖的電動方程式車手會面的車迷,應於下午5時前抵達Allianz E-Village的頒獎台,因得獎車手將在比賽結束後直接從他們的車庫前往頒獎台。當日較早的時間,在賽事開始之前,全數22名車手包括馬沙 (Felippe Massa)、上季冠軍布特 (Sam Bird) 和衛冕總冠軍韋恩 (Jean-Eric Vergne) 將在下午2時25分出席車手簽名會,與一眾車迷互動。


在香港站的得獎車手佔據舞台專區前,現代舞團SeaBiscuit將以他們極具動感的街舞表演,為賽道傾注無限活力。同時,我們為Allianz E-Village的觀眾於賽事開始前帶來融合了中國功夫及西方當代舞蹈的新派功夫表演。


觀眾更可透過Allianz E-Village的大屏幕欣賞所有現場賽事,確保不會錯過45分鐘加一圈賽事的每一刻。兒童專區的主要活動包括面部彩繪及特別的電動方程式障礙賽,為一眾小車迷帶來嶄新的體驗。


2019香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽是一個全日的活動,Allianz E-Village的開放時間為早上7時至下午6時。為保持體力,美食專區是一個必到的地方。 場內的食肆包括譽創、PizzaExpress、Zuver x 川府宴、車王、雪花、XTC Gelato、甜甜蜜蜜等。在添馬公園購買的喜力啤酒將以可循環再用的膠杯供應,觀眾在飲用完畢後可將膠杯棄置於喜力攤位外的收集點,或場內回收站的新設收集箱內,所有用過的膠杯將送回喜力倉庫,清洗過後重複使用。




2019香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽將於3月10日 (星期日) 在中環新海濱隆重舉行。代表11支車隊的22名車手將在全長1.86公里的賽道上角逐冠軍殊榮。賽道共設10個彎位,包括兩個髮夾彎。





Allianz E-Village 娛樂活動時間表:

活動 地點 時間


電動方程式車手簽名環節 添馬公園 下午2時25分
香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽開幕典禮 大屏幕 下午3時35分
香港電訊香港電動方程式大賽頒獎典禮 添馬公園頒獎台 下午5時
SeaBiscuit 表演 舞台專區 上午11時30分、


當代武術表演 舞台專區 上午11時30分、


面部彩繪 兒童專區 上午9時至下午6時

*Allianz E-Village 開放時間:上午7時至下午6