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Why was Formula E started?

Formula E is the brainchild of the FIA. They wanted to use motorsport to help promote the electric car industry and to use the series as a framework for research and development. It’s hoped Formula E will increase the use of electric cars, especially in urban areas, and to improve our environment and way of life. Formula E represents a vision for the future of the motor industry over the coming decades, serving as a framework for research and development around the electric vehicle, accelerating general interest in these cars and promoting sustainability.

When will the first race take place and how many will there be?

The inaugural season began in September 2014 with a total of 11 races, all in city centres, and finished in June 2015.

Where will the races be held?

All races are held in city centres in some of the world’s leading cities. Formula E believes that cities are the natural environment for electric cars and that racing in urban environments will best promote the use, and popularity, of these vehicles.

Why race in city centres and not existing race tracks?

Hosting any major international sporting event in a city centre has its challenges but it is very important to the goal of Formula E that electric cars are promoted and seen in their preferred environment; an urban area. The majority of the world’s population live in cities which is also where most of the world’s cars are driven, usually covering very short distances. This environment is ideally suited to the electric vehicle as it can easily cover the ranges required whilst reduring emissions. By hosting the races in cities, Formula E hopes to showcase this. What’s more, modern cities offer fantastic public transport systems which, unlike conventional out-of-town race tracks, means that spectators can leave their car at home helping to reduce the environmental impact of the race.

But isn’t it very costly to host races in city-centres?

While the initial set-up cost is expensive, costs will come down year-on-year. In addition, Formula E plans to ‘leave a legacy’ in each of the cities it visits by installing charging points and other electric vehicle infrastructure which can be enjoyed by all again and again.

Where does the power come from for the races and to charge?

In most cases, Formula E will be generating its own power using renewable, reducing emission methods such as the Aquafuel generators. Where this cannot be done due to logistics, Formula E will be using the city’s national grid. However, in this case the power itself will come from renewable energy sources.

But won’t overtaking be difficult racing on narrow street circuits?

Yes and no! Traditionally overtaking is difficult on street circuits but to help with this Formula E will introduce its FanBoost system temporarily increasing the power of the car.

Will all teams and drivers use the same car?

Yes but only for the first season in order to help get the championship established. Formula E is very much an ‘open championship’ that will give car manufacturers and constructors the opportunity to showcase their innovations in a racing environment.

What does the car sound like and how loud is it?

The sound of the Formula E car will be one of the championship’s most unique and exciting features and will be a modern, futuristic sound combined with the fusion of the tyres on the track, the car’s aero package and the electric drivetrain itself. At high speed this will be around 80 decibels. A traditional road car produces around 70 decibels when travelling at 70mph.

How long will the car’s batteries last?

The duration of the batteries will depend heavily on how hard the car is pushed but during the race this will be between 25-30 minutes. Drivers will make a mandatory pitstop during the race in order to change cars.

So why are two cars needed?

In a perfect world the series would use just one car. However, today’s current battery technology is not sufficiently advanced to allow a one-hour race at full speed without recharging. By working with the world leading engineers from Formula One, IndyCar, NASCAR, Le Mans and the world’s leading automotive road car developers, Formula E aims to dramatically accelerate the development of battery technology and increase drivetrain efficiency. There is no better way than motor racing to harness this incredible talent and the benefits and knowhow will quickly filter down to everyday electric road cars.

Why not just swap batteries during pitstops?

For reasons of safety set out by the FIA, it is not permitted for teams to swap the batteries of their cars during a race. In order to maintain the best possible safety standards, the batteries are sealed meaning removing them quickly is not feasible. For reasons of safety set out by the FIA, it is not permitted for teams to swap the batteries of their cars during a race. In order to maintain the best possible safety standards, the batteries are sealed meaning removing them quickly is not feasible.

Is it safe to change drivers from one car to another?

Safety remains a top priority of every aspect of the FIA Formula E Championship, not least drivers changing from one car to another. Every change will take place in their pitbox and be overseen by a steward in order to ensure that it is done correctly and that all safety equipment is applied. Each driver will also be looked after by a member of their team who will assist in securing harnesses. What’s more, there will be a mandatory minimum driver time of 30 seconds for each changeover (from when the driver first touches the second car until he can leave the pits) to ensure no corners are cut.



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Are tickets valid for one or two days?

Grandstand and eVillage tickets are both valid for Saturday 8 October and Sunday 9 October. Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00.


Are Ferris Wheel Grandstand and Tamar Park Grandstand tickets considered “better” seating? How soon will these tickets be on sale?

Our different Grandstands provide different experiences. For ticket availability and updates, please follow our Facebook page.


Can I change eVillage ticket (to another Grandstand)?

The changing of purchased Grandstand tickets is not permissible once tickets have been purchased.


Are family packages available?

We do not offer family packages. However, we do offer half-priced tickets for children aged 5-12 and for seniors aged over 65.


Are selfie sticks allowed?



Is there a wheelchair access point?

Yes, limited wheelchair seats will be provided at Tamar Park grandstand area.


How big are the screens in the eVillage?

The sizes will be approximately 9 meter (W) X 5 meter (H).


I have heard that there is a Formula E simulator. Will this be available to the public?

There will be simulators available in both the eVillage and VIP areas.


Is there rain shelter in the Grandstands and eVillage?

All Grandstand seats and eVillage have no shelter.


Is there a programme or schedule available for track activities and entertainment?

We are currently preparing this information. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page when new information is available.


Is seating allocated on a first-come, first-served basis?

Yes, all Grandstand seating is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, but all Grandstand ticketholders are guaranteed a seat.


Is it possible to see the racetrack from inside the eVillage?

Due to safety issues, we suggest that eVillage ticket holders enjoy the event by watching the action live on big screens.


Can I watch the race online?

Yes, we will be streaming the race live on our official website in over 120 countries. For updates, please follow our Facebook page.