First e-Touring Car Challenge named as Formula E HKT Hong Kong ePrix’s Pre-race

Formula Electric Racing Hong Kong is now in the spotlight! One of the eye-catching point is that the Pre-race for Formula E is FRD world's first e-Touring Car Challenge, which will be held on October 8.

In order to fulfill performance and safety parameters for the race event, the e-Golf machines will undergo a range of modifications by FRD. In fact, the first e-Golf was successfully tested by three car lovers on 19 July, including Andy Yan, Chin Ka-lok and Pakho Chau. FRD will confirm the final specifications for the e-Golf and will commence the full field build shortly to prepare for this one-make race.

The e-Golf machines will have two practice sessions ahead of a 15-minute qualifying and 20-minute race event. Both practice sessions and race event will be held on the track of Formula E. People with tickets of Grandstand and e-Village can also enjoy the pre-race event.