Your Guide to Formula E – part 1

Your Guide to Formula E – part 1

Hong Kong E-Prix is only in its second year so it is still very new to a lot of people. The world of motor sports is complicated anyways, so we can all be forgiven for mistaking Formula E for something else. Let’s face it, how many of you actually know what the ‘E’ in ‘Formula E’ stands what? Electronic? Energy? Electric?

For those who are screaming ‘Electric of course, what do you take me for?’, we are pleased to offer you a virtual pat on the back for getting it absolutely right! But so that we continue to build our knowledge and understanding of Formula E, particularly the stop in our city, we will be providing five facts in each issue of Fan Exclusive over the next two months so YOU can be a know-it-all by the time the 2017 Hong Kong E-Prix arrives in December:

  • FIA Formula E Championship was merely a concept back in 2012, but the dream all came true in September 2014 when its inaugural season kicked off in Beijing
  • Hong Kong joined the series for the first time in the 2016/17 season as the season opener. Switzerland’s Sebastien Buemi won the race, ahead of Lucas di Grassi who ultimately claimed the overall Drivers’ Championship title.
  • In season 2017/18, or the fourth season, there will be 10 teams with two drivers representing each, competing in 14 races across 11 destinations across the globe.
  • Hong Kong, once again the season opener, together with the US (New York), and Canada (Montreal) will be Double Header races, which means there are two races at each of these stops, against a single race at the other eight stops – Morocco (Marrakesh), Chile (Santiago), Mexico (Mexico City), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Italy (Rome), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin), and Switzerland (Zurich)
  • The Central Harbourfront track of the 2017 Hong Kong E-Prix is 1.86km long, which has 10 turns, two hairpins, and a main straight of 555m. Each race consists of 45 laps. (And before anyone out there starts taking a hairpin out of their head to try and work out its context within motor racing, a hairpin turn is named for its resemblance to a bobby pin, a bend in a road with a very acute inner angle that forces drivers to turn almost 180 degrees to continue on the road.)

Feeling like you know it all a bit better now? We will have more for you in our next issue.

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